Fashion design in a multicultural dialogue



Jansson Hansson, a women’s ready-to-wear line designed by Hans Jansson, was created in 2005.


The concept of the collection is based on multicultural influences and the use of rare materials, traditional embroideries and outstanding handcrafted work. By travelling to different countries, he personally searches for exceptional fabrics. The sensibility for quality work and rare skills are preserved through the service of local craftsmen in various regions. Cultural heritage is emphasized, with respect and understanding, so that the design provides visual testimony of a nation, it’s people and its past. The collection reflects a desire to create fashions that are beautiful to wear and beautiful to look at. The garments express creativity, are designed from precious fabrics and reflects other cultures, thus fulfilling and important fashion trend. The Jansson Hansson line is a marriage of different cultures and traditions transformed into a new style.


The concern for the gradual disappearance of traditional crafts in many parts of the world combined with today’s large demand in the international fashion market for unique and personalized clothes has assured the success of this collection.


The design has been distributed in selected stores in Europe, United States and in the Middle East as well as at exhibitions in exclusive art galleries.




After an MBA in Business and Administration at the Stockholm School of Economics and the International Management Program at Ecoles des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in France, Hans Jansson acquired experience within international banking and finance in Luxembourg and in France.


In the 90’s, he advanced his professional direction and entered the fashion industry working with sales, marketing and international development of high quality designers. This period permitted to experience fashion in the areas of design, international distribution and marketing while establishing an important network of different actors in the industry.


After having created the label Jansson Hansson he has been actively travelling and working in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Production capacity and an important network of craftsmen have been established in Egypt, the Sultanate of Oman, and Turkey as well as in other countries. Considered as a fashion expert, Hans Jansson is regularly sharing his experiences by guest lecturing at universities, fashion schools and other institutions.


Lectures and workshops


Fashion is the reflection of social, economic, political and cultural environment of the society. The spirit of dialogue based on knowledge, tolerance and desire for openness is an important tool for designers to enlarge their area of expression and to be even more innovative. The multicultural dialogue is a colourful exchange where the boundaries are being crossed, assumptions put aside and where new visions come to the mind.


With this in mind and based on his own experiences, Hans Jansson has developed a workshop and lecture program for design schools and universities with emphasis on a multicultural approach. The students are introduced to new techniques on how to find synergies between modern and innovative fashion and multicultural influences. By using rare materials, traditional embroideries, handcrafted work by local communities combined with innovation in the field of fashion the students are exposed to a number of challenges that help them to unleash their creativity and widen their perspective.


The awareness that Fashion has a central role in the society and the Fashion is a multi billion-dollar business has also led to important initiatives from governments both in educational policies and in industrial terms. Excellent fashion design departments have developed at universities and schools around the world but to often as an isolated unit in the organization. This is why Hans Jansson has created a Fashion Management program, involving students from different fields of studies.


The Fashion Management program has a multicultural and multidisciplinary approach and combines knowledge about, marketing, communication and finance to a sensibility for fashion. The program involves several academic departments and consists of workshops, lectures as well as a group projects.


Bringing students from different disciplines together to work collectively, this course aims at preparing students for a real work life situation, and to help them build an important network. The goal is to design, plan and carry out a joint fashion project that will be presented in both its material and its visual form. The students work in groups and help each other with creating, administrating, marketing and realising a fashion collection.



Lecture themes



Designers in a cultural dialogue



Fashion in a cultural dialogue



Haute Couture, a dialogue based on cultural heritage



East meets west, a cultural dialogue



Innovative design based on a cultural dialogue



A dialogue with the Siwa Oasis



A dialogue in the Sultanate of Oman



The Silk Road, a multicultural dialogue



Palestine, from a multicultural dialogue to a non-dialogue



A fashion collection in a cultural dialogue




Hans Jansson has lectured and directed workshops at



Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden



The Faculty of Culture, Malmö Högskola, Sweden



Department of Fashion Design, Notre Dame University, Lebanon



Department of design, MSA University, Egypt



Swedish Embassy, Egypt



Swedish Institute, Greece